Rotganzen is a Rotterdam-based art and design studio, established in 2009. The central characteristic of Rotganzen’s work is the dialogue between art and design, resulting in the examination of it’s relationship to daily live and popular culture.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Rotterdam the main artists, Robin Stam and Joeri Horstink, developed a distinctive sense to create something extraordinary out of the ordinary. Their quest is to alter the appearance and context of everyday objects, subjects and products. They investigate the core essence, make connections and look for contradictions. By doing so they create works full of contrasts, visually as well as conceptually. Never committing to a single material or style. However, rather than a doomed take on reality, their intention is to offer a cheerful approach to observing the object of depiction.

Their works range from products to large installations to interiors. They work on commission, initiate their own projects and collaborate with other creatives.

With their extensive network of highly skilled producers they are capable of creating works of the highest quality, no matter the scale or scope.


For further inquiries please contact us at:
Mail: contact[at]
Mobile Joeri: +31 (0) 6 1469 3112
Mobile Robin: +31 (0) 6 4327 6996

Postal and visiting address:
Rotganzen v.o.f.
Zomerhofstraat 71 - unit 204
3032 CK Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Company information:
CoC Rotterdam: 51856832
VAT: NL850202176B01