Hedwig is the highflyer. She is as wise as she is ambitious. She never rests and soars like an eagle.


Pure Orange | RAL 2004

BOUNCY | Hedwig

€ 690,00Price
  • Inspired by the playgrounds of our youth, Bouncy is the happy new product of the Rotganzen team. While designed to look jumpy, Bouncy is, in fact, stable, reliable, and comfortable. To sit on, to use as a side table, or just as a fun object to look at. First edition Bouncy is a family of six. Bouncy’s top is made from high gloss painted mdf. Its base is a smooth gloss powder coated metal spring. Bouncy comes with high quality felt gliders to protect your floor.

    For more than six Bouncy's, please contact us at bouncy@rotganzen.com for more shipping details.

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