Spotlight is the Rotganzen view of contemporary life. It’s a simple enough object, beautifully produced - high polished stainless steel, with a multi-layered glaze lacquered color coating - but when the light touches us, it becomes a mirror, exposing all that’s in front of it. 

Spotlight becomes a truth-telling creature when the world in front of it is being exposed. And when we happen to be there, basking in the light of attention, it shows us as products of our vanity and encourages us to switch off that light, at least occasionally, if only to preserve our sanity. 

Rotganzen_Spotlight Mirror_photography P
Rotganzen_Spotlight Mirror_photography P

Spotlight, 2019
150cm wide x 5mm thick, high polished stainless steel,

finished with a multi-layered glaze-lacquered color coating
Photography: Galerie Vivid, Pim Top

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